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Thread: OnOne Perfect Effects 8 can process Merrill X3Fs!?!

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    OnOne Perfect Effects 8 can process Merrill X3Fs!?!

    You may have seen that OnOne is giving away Perfect Effects 8 for free at the Moment (Perfect Effects 8 Offer – onOne Software or have a look at dpreview).

    I downloaded and installed it. What really puzzled me, was that I suddenly saw file previews when I browsed through a folder containing X3Fs from my DP2M (I actually had planned to open a Tiff created in SPP in that same folder). But of course I didn't think of that Tiff anymore...and ta-dah...I looked at an opened X3F in a window that didn't belong to SPP...the program adds quite some saturation compared to SPP though. I have to add though that I don't know the program at it might have been my fault lol...

    Detail/sharpness wise there seems to be no difference to SPP...'s not just saturation...rather a vast green color cast...


    Perfect Effects 8
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    Re: OnOne Perfect Effects 8 can process Merrill X3Fs!?!

    Interesting. Color interpretation is difficult ... that's why other converters have bad colors, too (e.g. dcraw). Would be nice, if there would be more developers caring about our Merrills so we'll get usable alternatives to SPP.

    I'm quite happy with SPP. But what bugs me most is the poor image size. Most other software uses all Merrill-Px. OnOne also uses some more px ... at least the image seems quite a bit larger.

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