New version of SPP, V6.3 available for download for those interested:
SIGMA Photo Pro | Camera | Download | SIGMA GLOBAL VISION


・By reviewing the image development process, it has improved image quality of RAW data (X3F file) of the SIGMA dp Quattro series.
・It has improved the image development process of long exposure photography, for images taken by the SIGMA dp Quattro series.
・It has added the Quick Check Mode to the Main Window (this feature is not available for RAW data taken with SD9 and SD10 cameras).
・It has added the Specifying Folder function to the “Computer” pane in the Main Window.
・It has corrected the phenomenon that it occasionally develops corrupted image data when the X3 Fill Light function is used.
・It has corrected the phenomenon that the brightness level cannot set at 2 or lower if the RAW data is taken with the SIGMA SD1, Merrill series, and dp Quattro series.

I have given it a really quick try and it seems a little faster on windows machine, have not really run through any real tests yet.