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Thread: The Sigma DP1 grows up

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    The Sigma DP1 grows up

    .... and leaves the small sensor cameras

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    Re: The Sigma DP1 grows up

    Good idea .

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    Re: The Sigma DP1 grows up

    What impresses me is the Foveon's take on colour, an oddity but I can see a whole new could be the closest one can get going down a autochrome style path digitally. The DP1 on paper atleast seems to go a step closer but I reckon I may have to go down the digital negative path for autochrome
    Sure the specs of the camera are a bit suss as a digital camera goes .......yea I know a pricey experiment if things go turtle. Anyway things are getting a bit docile in the loony bin.

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    Re: The Sigma DP1 grows up

    To be honest, I was rather disappointed in the DP1 at PMA. It is really only about 6.x MP in resolution due to the stated MP counted being divided between the 3 color layers. It also was rather noisy for a larger sensor size camera. At 400 ISO the noise was about the same as a DLux3.

    They let me take a few shots and load them onto the laptop for viewing.

    I think that I'll keep waiting and hope that the Ricoh GRD (xx) is an improved GRD II with a fixed 35, 40, or 50 lens.



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    Re: The Sigma DP1 grows up

    THe noise does not surprise me, I see how the sensor picks up the colours and what it does as the real point of interest. Most want a DSLR performing camera in a small package and I am sure it will disappoint, if things were easy to produce the Sonys of the world would be right on Sigmas coat tails

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