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Thread: film photography - "Self Portrait On Walk"

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    film photography - "Self Portrait On Walk"

    Contax Tix - Kodak Advantix B&W 400 film
    scanned with Nikon LS-40 - processed in Lightroom
    flickr page:

    Took this one while on my morning walk a couple of days ago enjoying the rediscovery of my Contax Tix camera. It's a cool little camera, I'd forgotten how nice it was. I'm feeling like I should consume the 60-70 rolls of APS film I have in the freezer before all the processing machines for it are shut down ... but scanning, even highly automated scanning with APS film, takes an eternity!

    Comments always appreciated. Don't worry about insulting the subject... ;-)

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    Re: film photography - "Self Portrait On Walk"

    I like it -- I like it alot! You did an excellent job of avoiding the bald spot -- it looks so natural.

    Ok, I don't know anything about a bald spot, but I really do like your self portrait alot.

    The last time I was in Calif I left the dSLR (Nikon D2Xs) there. I'm now shooting 35mm film and compact digital. Yes, start firing away with that APS film while you can.

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