I knew that this question was answered in many other forums including this one, but I could not find something related to my issue.

Recently I bought microSD HC 8 GB with its SD adapter to use it with Panasonic Digital Video Camera model : NV-GS57GC, when i inserted the card I received card error message.

But when I used (testing purpose) the SD adapter above on my Samsung Camera it works.

And when I read the manual for Panasonic model : NV-GS57GC it says :
Do not format the card with another movie camera or any personal computer. This operation may make the card unusable
Panasonic option for formatting under "Card PlayBack Mode" , Menu >> Set [ADVANCED] >> [FORMAT CARD] >> [YES].

But still it gives me error message

If SD card did work on Smasung and did not work on Panasonic ,Wouldn’t that indicate there is no problem with SD card memory itself ?