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Thread: Old Pentax DSLR price?

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    Old Pentax DSLR price?

    I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting but since there is no Pentax dedicated thread I've figured I should just try it here. My mother just gave like 5 Pentax K prime lenses and I want to put them to action. To be entirely honest I have never followed Pentax's trajectory (even though I know itís classic reputation) like I did with Canon and Nikon, so I really donít know much. Thatís why I was wondering about a cheap Pentax DSLR to go with these lenses. Iím really not looking into spending much and I donít care if itís an older model (actually Iím looking for something really cheap). I would like (if possible) the smallest DSLR they have. Anyway, Iím open for advices.

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    Re: Old Pentax DSLR price?

    The current K2000/Km is a nice camera and reasonably cheap, but not dirt cheap. *ist D cams are small but I don't know the difference between models (*ist_D). The K20d is a great camera and can be found for reasonable prices.

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    Re: Old Pentax DSLR price?

    Rawfa, to make the best use of the old lenses the K100D, K100D Super and the K2000/K-M may be your best bets. ALL the Pentaxc DSLR's will allow use of the K mounts lenses. The K100's are the oldest with Sensor Based IS that works with ANY lens! With a manual lens mounted when one turns on the camera it will ask the focal length.
    I have not used any other than the K100D and the K100D Super. They are same save the super has dust removal and also will operate SDM lenses.
    I got the Super on close out at WOlf for under $200 body only.
    You ought to be able to find these for quite decent prices.
    E mail/PM if you've any questions
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    Old Pentax DSLR price

    Is there any practical/useful way to dispose of them?
    I have a set from 1990 that Id like to get rid of and dont want to unload them on Goodwill to dispose of, but hate to toss em for landfill.


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