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Thread: Pentax m4/3ds maybe

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    Pentax m4/3ds maybe
    Got this from Amin's site

    Here's google translation. I fear we need a real Bable fish in our ears
    Japan Standard Time, June 23 (Thursday) held a press conference from 13:00 HOYA is "Digital SLR camera world's smallest interchangeable lens" for and released.
    110 What is not known which is digital.

    Credibility because the information you provide for the first time I do not know, the new Pentax equipment (mirror-less machine?) Announced previously, the information you tell the readers of other than July and was faster then, because it is also a rumor abroad in June and the announcement of June 23, feels like a good time and the rumors so far.

    Pentax's new machine, "there are two kinds of systems," "One would not the mirror-less single-lens reflex," "Sensor 1/2.33 inches (one for APS-C?) To adopt" such as Although many rumors floating around, because there is no definitive information yet, interesting or just come out with what specs. That the world's smallest and lightest, I would not be smaller than the Panasonic GF3.

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    Re: Pentax m4/3ds maybe

    I think it would be great if Pentax joined the 4/3 crowd. They could make a weather resistant body and 2-3 good WR lenses and the customers wanting other kinds of lenses or accessories could turn to the other brands.

    Unfortunately it does not seem to be happening. The ever increasing rumors tell about one camera system with a fly dropping sized sensor and changable lenses (a silly idea IMO, who wants a P&S camera with many lenses?) and somewhat later another system with an APS-C sensor (more interesting but IMO needs to have a proper K mount support of some sort to be viable). So it looks like no 4/3, even if Pentax talks about a "digital 110" system and the 110 film is almost exactly of 4/3 sensor size. Go figure.

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