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Thread: Automatic copyright?

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    Automatic copyright?


    Lately I've been kind of tired of the laborious process of marking all my photos with my copyright signature. Does anyone know of any automated process to do this? Preferably in Photoshop.

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    Re: Automatic copyright?

    Why not make an action to add it to the "File Info..." sheet. Do you first safe your copyright as a meta template (in File Info). That makes adding it very ease. An action would make it easier still, but I just add if from a template (lazy).

    If I have a large folder of images, I open them in Bridge, select all, and add the metadata via the template. I do this even for images which I don't use ACR for (I use C1 for my Phase files), but just want the metadata added w/copyright info, etc. This helps me not to forget if I work the image in PS to complete it. Every image ends up in PS anyway, if just for a little local contrast and output sharpening.

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