Since switching to Snow Leopard, the borderless printing does not work with my Epson R2400.

This is what I do an what happens:

Under the page set up menu, I select the appropriate size, say A4, and then "sheet feeder - borderless." I put the paper in the sheet feeder. After having sent the print command, I get an error message "paper not loaded or incorrectly loaded" (also, the to button at the left side of the printer starts to blink red).

If I only select the paper side but not the "sheet feeder - borderless," the printer accepts the paper from the sheet feeder but does not print borderless.

The problem occurs with various paper sizes and types, including ordinary Epson photo paper.

4 further remarks: the same problem exists under both LR2.6 and CS4; the problem did not exist under Leopard; I went on the Epson website and uploaded and installed the latest driver v. 6.57 (and then restarted the computer); and I have a 1.5 year old Mac Pro.

Any help much appreciated.