I'm trying to come up with an inkjet paper choice for a handmade book.

The idea is to make Japanese stab-bind handmade books and I'm toying with printing the images digitally. My first book will be 13" x 19" printed on Museo Silver Rag (as I have an unopened box at home), but I'm wondering if there are better printing options available for a book.

My printer options are an Epson 7800 with photoblack in (which is my preference if possible as this is the printer at home) or an Epson 7600 with matte black ink (but this guy is a 50 minute round trip away and is a student printer so has been abused to hell).

I don't want to deal with roll paper as it's a lot easier to stick with sheet paper size (8.5"x11" up through 17"x22" if possible) for the binding. From those with more paper experience than I would you suggest going to a matte black paper or maybe one of the newer bartya papers (I hear good things about the Ilford Gold Fiber Glossy). From what I have read online these papers are a little fragile, but I could bind vellum paper in between each of the pages.

I also know I could go with a book printed through Blurb or a similar source, but that defeats part of the handmade aesthetic (there will also be an edition with tipped in salt prints).