I posted a while back looking for advice on web authoring software. After much consideration, I purchased Expressions Web 4, partly because I was eligible for an upgrade price. On my earlier post, I stated I was 74 yrs old, and a novice in web development, although I did develop my present site with Frontpage 2002. Well, to make a long story short, I have struggled...Expressions Web is not for beginners. I did purchase two books which helped somewaht in getting me started. So far, I have a home page, and an "About Us" page. My site will have a bunch of separate photo galleries, e.g. Seascapes, Bayscapes, Wildlife, Polly's Dock, Causeway Shack, Barnegat Lighthouse, and more. Front Page had a simple Photo Gallery drag & Drop....piee of cake. It is gone in Expressions! I downloaded, and paid for "Coffeecup" Photo Gallery. Very slick...I like it, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot integrate it into my new blank web pages. I have tried everything I can think of. Ditto jAlbum; slick, but cannot get it to work in my new pages. I also found an album feature in Bridge...but how to get it into Expressions?
Sorry for the rant....Can someone give me advise as to which gallery program you use in your site, and how to use it? What a pity that one must go to a third party for something as basic as a photo gallery. BTW, I need the ability to label each thumbnail with number, title, and date, such as: D125 ~ "Breaking Wave, LBI", August 1999.
Thanks in avance for listening to me rant!
Very best....
Dave Gurtcheff
Beach Haven, NJ