It's not easy being green, but makes it just a bit easier.

I have an Epson 4800, 9800, and a 9900---and I've committed to trying to be as green as possible this year. Tastar Supply has a great ink cartridge recycling program that offers $2 or $3 store credit per empty cartridge returned to them for eligible Epson pro printers. Details at their website---look on the left side of the menu listings. I've also decided to start using the maintenance tank refill kit at Tastar--- which also helps to save more money. Inkjet - wide format - for Apple, ColorBurst, EFI, Epson, HP, Wasatch and more!

Tastar is a smaller but very friendly customer oriented company. Very good pricing in wide format printer ink. I believe their customer loyalty rewards program is still in effect---yup, save more. And *free* shipping.

It took some time to find a good ink cartridge recycling program and thought I'd pass it along. I've been very happy with the products, pricing, and service at Tastar Supply.