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Thread: IPF 6300 Help please

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    IPF 6300 Help please

    I have the printer since about 1 year. Until recently everything fine; no major issues. In particular, colors pretty much spot on. But now two problems:

    1) When printing from LR3, skins tons look awful. Way too much red. Problem already described here.

    2) So I thought what the heck with LR, go to the printing plug in of PS4, wwhich so for worked like a charm. Used all the usual settings, but then it refuses to print ginving me an error message that the paper profile I am using (which I had used since several months) is an ICCv4 profile and that I should change to Adobe CMM or use an ICC profile that is a version prior to ICCv4. Never had that message before, and then got it with all the ICC profiles I had used for months.

    So I did install the Adobe CMM, but prints now look too dark

    Any help much appreciated. Also, any description of the settings that folks use when printing with the 6300/6350/8300 under LR of the PS plug in.

    I am using a calibrated monitor.

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    Re: IPF 6300 Help please

    I just posted some info here that might be applicable to your situation.

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