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Thread: Canon IPF5100/6100 Compatibility Fix w/ CS4

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    Canon IPF5100/6100 Compatibility Fix w/ CS4

    I figured out a way to get Photoshop CS4 to work with my Canon IPF5100 printer from the IPFwiki group. I was a bit scared that I would have to give up my 16bit printing capabilities for a few months!

    Open up the IPF5100/6100 CS3 Print Plug-In, instead of allowing the installer to automatically install into Photoshop CS3's directory, click on Choose Destination. The installer will then close all applications, so make sure that you've saved your tabs in Firefox, Photoshop images, etc. A destination finder will pop up to choose the target location, go to Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plug-ins and click on the Choose button. After that, the installation will proceed just like normal and will pop up in the Export tab under the File menu in Photoshop CS4.

    If you have any profiles that you would like to transfer over to Photoshop CS4-
    Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles.

    ColorSync Folder Path-
    Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles.

    Make sure you run Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities to repair your permissions on your OS X partition. Then you're done.
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    Re: Canon IPF5100/6100 Compatibility Fix w/ CS4

    This was working for us on several Windows computers, but suddenly on one of them it stopped working and would give errors anytime it was run.

    For anyone who runs into a problem similar to ours, the solution I found was to uninstall the plugin, then re-install it into the "Adobe Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\Import-Export" folder instead of just the Plug-ins folder.

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