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Thread: PA271W Questions/concerns

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    PA271W Questions/concerns


    Back in January, I picked up a "refurbished" NEC PA271 from B&H. I have a couple of questions.

    What profiling settings are you using? I do primarily wedding type work so it's a lot of web viewing and some printing. I see different settings out there for calibration depending on web or print delivery, so what do you set at?

    Secondly, the colors on my NEC look better than on my iMac. A couple of times, I feel this has led to underprocessing an image. Like it looked great on my NEC, so I uploaded. Then the uploads looked undersaturated on my iMac and the client said the same thing. Also, a few times, I've uploaded images that are way too hot. Again, looked great on my NEC, then in my web gallery I was like

    Finally, sometimes (about 1 out of every 5 times) I wake up my NEC and it's fires up, then has a green staticy snow and I need to turn it off and back on. Is this normal? What causes this?

    I seems to defeat the purpose double check my editing on my iMac, but it's what I've resorted to. I calibrate monthly under "photo editing" so I'm at a loss here.

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    Re: PA271W Questions/concerns

    I have that monitor and never have the snow situation. I'd be concerned about it if you need to turn it off to "correct."

    Aside from that, are you calibrating the monitor w/ SV II or equivalent? And how about the iMac, you calibrating it to the equivalent specs and luminance?

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    Re: PA271W Questions/concerns

    I have the PA301W

    If you are prepping web work, you may have issues. I think most using wide gamut monitors use multiple settings/profiles. I use a custom setting that is full gamut and the color is dialed in manually so my display matches a print in my viewing station. I switch the NEC to an sRGB setting/profile which limits the gamut and simulates what most see on their monitors.
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