I am using a Z3100PS printer and various papers. I build custom profiles using the HP APS software.

1. The printer has two drivers available, PS and HCL3. I am finding that the PS driver, when using with application managed colours is noticeably better. Both drivers using same profiles and paper. Can anyone else confirm this?

2. The PS driver also has Pantone color emulation. I cannot notice any difference when this is on. Again, has anyone had any experience with this?

3. The Z3100/APS can also profile for CMYK. The catch is that the charts have to be loaded manually for scanning to build the profile. I have not messed around with this yet, but again, would there be any improvement in print quality in using a CMYK profile vs an RGB one?

4. I also have i1 Pro. Is there anyway to use the built in scanner in the Z3100 with the i1 Pro? The i1 pro software is substantially more flexible, but I cannot get it to recognize the profiling hardware in the printer.

Thanks in advance for your advise.