I had been using the orphaned Polaroid 120 Sprintscan film scanner with Vuescan. It worked very well. Then came Super Storm Sandy. We were homeless and without power for 6 months. During that time, my PC and scanner were subject to freezing temperatures for long periods. We are now back home, and the scanner will not work. It starts up OK, but Vuescan says it cannot find an attached scanner (I start the scanner first, then start Vuescan). The scanner is attached via Firewire. Any suggestions? I have recently received priceless family negatives that had been lost for 72 years. They are 645 B&W negs made with a 1930s Zeiss Super Ikonta "A", in MINT condition ,archivally stored. 220 rolls of 16 per roll. I can resort to my Epson V700 to scan the negs, but I want every last bit of quality I can get. If the Polaroid cannot be made to work, I may buy an Opticfilm 120 scanner, now that Vuescan supports it. Without Vuescan, I would not purchase one, I like Vuescan that much.
Thanks in advance
Dave in NJ