Hi all: I used an aluminum frame supplier in Philadelphia, PA named "Framefit". I knew the founder, and when he passed away, his son took over the business. I used them for probably 25 years. Because they were a Phila company, and we are on the NJ coast, I got next day UPS ground delivery. I got very personal service: I would phone in an order Monday morning, and Tuesday afternoon, the frames were on my doorstep. I was very spoiled. The owner recently retired, and the business no longer exists. Not only did I get great service, their prices were very competitive, and with an order over $100 I got free shipping. The prices they offered were (approximately): 20"x24" "Crestline" profile=$15, 24"x30 "Dome" profile = $22, and 30"x36" "Dome" profile = $26, including corner hardware, springs, and hangers. I am looking for a reliable, reasonable frame supplier, preferably on the northeast or near Midwest within one to two days UPS Ground delivery. Can you folks recommend someone you have been happy with? I need an opening to accommodate 3/16" fome core backing, mat board overlay, and glass or plexiglass.
Thanks in advance
Dave in NJ