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Thread: Epson 9890 regular 'chuckling' noise

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    Epson 9890 regular 'chuckling' noise

    Been using an epson 9890 for a few months now.
    Auto nozzle check is off.
    Sometime when I turn on the machine every 20 sec or so it makes a brief (about 2 second) 'chuckling' noise -- is the best way to describe it. sort of chk-a-chk-a-chk-a-chk

    It usually keeps making this noise until I make a first print. Then *sometimes* will stop.

    Everything is operating properly. A friend's 9890 does not make this noise!

    just curious..

    Eric Korenman

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    Re: Epson 9890 regular 'chuckling' noise

    It's basically impossible to tell without hearing it. Is it a mechanical clanking, or more like air? If you have a loose connection somewhere in the vacuum system, I can see how that could created a repeating noise like that as it tries to suck in air. I have had an Epson 9900 for about 4 years in a lab environment, and every once in awhile it will still make a weird noise or do some odd behavior that I have not experienced. They are complicated machines and do a lot of self-correcting procedures. I would just call Epson techs and play them a recording if you can, (the support chat is free and sometimes works pretty well if you are out of warranty), but otherwise I would let it be unless it really sounds like something is badly wrong. The paper clamping sound on my own printer has changed from a single clunk to two consecutive clunks over time, and so far it has done a year or two like that with no harm. I figure that by the time it keels over, they will have a new one out. This one has long since paid for itself! The sad news is that if something is majorly wrong, it often makes more sense to replace than to repair, particularly if there is a new generation on the market.
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