Hi all,
Am wondering if anyone might have a clue.
I have 24inch roll paper installed on my 7600. Never had a problem
til I momentarily switched to using 8x10 manually fed sheets.

What's happening now is that I'm consistently getting prints that always seem to favor the right side of the printer (if you're facing the machine).
This is regardless of paper size specified, or with margins specified or not,
or with the image centered or not.

I've manually reloaded the roll paper, have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, and seem to have tried all variations possible.
I'm on a Intel mac, OSX 10.9.3 and latest Epson driver, printing from Pshop 6.

Have just now (after 5 attempts with different image sizes) printed a 17 height x 26width image at US D 22x34 paper size - looks centered on the preview -- and is now coming out with the same tendency.

Might anyone have a clue? Am I missing something so obvious?
Thanks in advance for any help..