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Thread: E-book production

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    E-book production

    This is my first post on Getdpi, although I've been a member for a while and a reader for a couple of years.

    As an amateur, I am looking for different ways of getting my images seen by others. I have a website and facebook page, I print for hanging on walls at home, and I've started producing photo books (using Blurb) for giving as presents to friends and family.

    What I'd like to do now is create e-books that display both individual and groups of images in a planned sequence and layout. These would be either for viewing online or for downloading to (e.g.) an iPad, and, if possible, for sale, perhaps as pay-per-view. I've considered some options but haven't found a killer solution:

    - Blurb's e-book conversion routine seems too clunky to be usable (it changes all the fonts and then tells you your text doesn't fit in your text boxes).

    - PDFs of of hi-res photobooks end up as very large files, making them difficult to distribute.

    - iBooks Author for iOS looks ok, but I'm a Windows guy.

    - I've looked at on-line e-zines, such as, and I like the reading experience. Most such publications seem to be aimed at catalogues, magazines and corporate reports, but issuu does have some nice examples of photobooks.

    Has anyone else had success with ebook publication?



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    Re: E-book production

    You can make fixed layout Epub2 or Epub3 from InDesign. Right now, only Apple iPads take Fixed layout Epub3. You could also use an epub2 editor, but design tools are clunky and epub 2 is limited. The new fixed layout epub 3 from Adobe looks very promising, but it is new. InDesign also has a book app format through Adobe Publishing Suite.

    PDF can be small, you just need to down rez the images--you should be designing for screen resolutions. pdf is a print format more that it is an ebook.

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