Hello guys. I'm about to go back on serious printing after a 3 year hiatus with my now old but beloved Epson 7880. For my last exhibit I ended up printing finals on Harman FbAl. I decided on this paper over the rest including Ilford Fibre Gold because it gave the least gloss diferential. But not much later I found out that the high gloss had disadvantages. It scratches very easily and produces its own reflections besides those from the framed glass.
Besides it tends to slightly ripple under heavy ink-loads. Needs to be completely glued to backboard even under glass. I didn't like the "plasticky" feeling either. This is paramount now, because this time I'm going to be selling to tourists mainly. This means no framing and no mounting. So, the tactile experience is also a priority.
I was wondering if currently there is a paper with better gloss diff rendering but with a tamed shine. I found out then, the IGF to be the most beautiful, easy to handle, scratch resistent paper but the gloss diferential I was getting with my 7880 was too much.
I don't care much for all the other issues as long as the gloss differential is non existent.
Any comments, info and suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks in advanced

P.S. I could sacrifice a little GD for the tactile experience. After some internet research, my current favorite seems to be Hahn Fine Art Baryta.