First, I confess that I'm too tired from today's shoot to search the forums : ).

That out of the way, does anyone have any experience with any of the online book publishers who have done excellent work in reproducing color images? I have an oil painting artist/client who is looking to produce a book from his paintings and I was hoping someone could steer us in deciding who's service to use. He's got a fantastic eye for color and tone and sees when things are wrong. He's not exactly picky, just choosy so getting most of the way there will suffice. I spent as long shooting as I did tweaking colors in C1 today. I had him approve my tweaks and we're both happy with the captures. Cross polarization, I have to say, is utterly phenomenal for capturing artwork. Finicky to get right but man, the results are astounding.

Thanks for any and all leads for the next step of publication.