I've heard and read various opinions about this question. I'd like to minimize nozzle clogs on my 7890, of course. Thus far I've been leaving it on all the time and printing a nozzle check almost every day. I run a standard head-pair cleaning if there's a break in the pattern, and it clears it up.

A couple of knowledgeable people have advised me to leave it on all the time. But apparently Epson recommends leaving it off when not in use. I just read that, when powering off, the machine parks the head in the cap assembly, preventing ink from drying out. So I'm left with these options:

- Continue doing as I've been doing: leaving it on and printing a nozzle check every day.

- Leave it off, and only power it on when I need to print (which is not frequent). Run a head cleaning if necessary.

- Turn it on every day, run a nozzle check, clean if necessary, turn it off. Seems like this option would use a lot of ink.

- Turn it on, say, once a week, run a nozzle check, clean if necessary, make a print, turn it off.

Any thoughts / input?