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Thread: ImagePrint v9 and OSX 10.12.xx

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    ImagePrint v9 and OSX 10.12.xx

    Recently upgraded to Sierra, and today tried to use ImagePrint on my Epson and the dongle authentication would not work. After some trouble shooting wrote to Colorbyte (ImagePrint) and got the following. Apparently Version 9 is not supported on Sierra or El Capitan. I was quite surprised that this is the case since Version 9 is just one version back. EOL on software products is usually a few releases. In any case, if anyone is thinking of moving to a newer version of OSX and want to avoid the expensive upgrade to ImagePrint v10, you may be out of luck. Not impressed for a $900 piece of software aimed at professionals.

    "ImagePrint 9 only worked up to OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). I’m afraid that anything after Yosemite (Sierra or El Capitain) would cause that symptom (no dongle found) and printing to fail due to changes in those versions of the Mac OS that came out after ImagePrint 9 was no longer under development.

    Since you said you’re on the latest version that sounds like it must be the problem. If so, you would need to either go back to Yosemite on the Mac, or update to v10 of ImagePrint (which was updated to support Sierra and El Capitan). If you want to do that, you should contact our sales side with your six digit dongle number and they can give you the pricing and procedures (they’re at 813 963-0241 ext 1, or [email protected].)"

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    Re: ImagePrint v9 and OSX 10.12.xx

    I have upgraded multiple times ... IP 5 ----> IP 10 and have never regretted the price. It has always been reasonable. Sierra and EL Cap introduced a lot of problems for software.

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