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Thread: Proof Printing from LR (P6000)

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    Proof Printing from LR (P6000)

    I'm trying to make small proofs prior to making finals from my Epson. I figured I could just make a custom print size of 4x24". Then I make a custom picture package containing the small proofs. However the output was bizarre. I placed 3 4x5s on the 4x24 spread, but only ONE was printed, and not even fully. It printed about an inch. I figured this may have been a fluke so I double checked everything and printed again, same result.

    The only was I was able to produce all three proofs, was to set a print size of 10x12 (which was a preset size), and print that. Of course that's ridiculous because you're ALWAYS printing X by 24" with the P6000.

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    Re: Proof Printing from LR (P6000)

    Here is a quick tutorial: 5 Steps for Creating Your Own Lightroom Print Templates

    I personally use IMAGEPRINT by Colorbyte for printing, but not long ago I taught Lightroom (LR) in a college classroom. As I remember, LR for custom print templates is not easy at first, as you have to setup LR to work with the printer and also with your custom template. I would look at the quick tutorial above and see if any of the steps have been missed.

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