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Thread: HM - Bamboo290

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    HM - Bamboo290


    Anyone else here using Hahnemuehle Bamboo 290?

    I experienced my first day of printing on that media and I am delighted!

    What I am still pondering about is the best practise/solution for "mercerizing", in lack of a better word, the prints before matting.

    There are plenty of liquids available, but you could easily spend a month testing them all.

    Currently I use the original hahnemuehle coating, which is only available in spray cans, something I am talking to HM about at the moment. A bucket at lower costs, to be rolled on would be a better solution in my view.

    So, what do you use? How many coats do you apply?

    I found up to three coats are beneficial, more than three are probably not needed, five would be a maximum I can see as reasonable depending on the size.

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    Re: HM - Bamboo290

    Hi Georg:
    I have just in the last few months printed 2 whole large and 1 small Ireland -"Arainn" portfolio in the bamboo...It is fantastic paper for BW to get a Platimum -Palladium look, soft and large tonal scale.....very warm. I used the Hahnemuhle in the Spray Can, and sprayed each print 2 or 3 times. Dat's all!
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