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Thread: This is interesting

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    D upton-Hackett.

    This is interesting

    The GXR vs Gf1,

    Scroll down.


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    Oxide Blu

    Re: This is interesting

    From Derek's link above -- really drives home how unique Ricoh's new camera is:

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    Re: This is interesting

    Thats about 2000 euro for the complete set including the flash and evf.....
    I think one would have to think hard before choosing over a M4/3 camera.
    Really depends on what modules become available. After all ,if I just want a camera
    and I dont have loads of lenses to fit on an eventual module that takes them, a camera with 2 lenses (EP2 with pancake and zoom for example)plus an EVF and a flash will be costing substantially less and weighing only a few grammes more. But its a lovely looking system too! Bit like choosing between a Porsche and a Ferrari.
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    Re: This is interesting

    Ricoh made a very interesting move.

    But I still haven't seen great advantage of this idea. I may carry the best of all worlds with me, like a M4/3 GF1 (with pancake lens) plus a Sony S90, instead of GXR with 2 lenses, and can probably fit this setup into a similar small bag. It will still be cheaper than 2000 USD.

    Also it all depends on what additional lenses/sensors will be available.
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