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Thread: image stabilization

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    image stabilization

    With my dslr setup now stabilized and LBA under control (well, as soon as the Pentax 35mm ltd macro shows up), I'm seriously pondering getting a Ricoh for street and macro use. The DLux3 works well for both of those, but it seems like either the GRD2 or GX-100 is a different tool that may lead me different places (as the 16x9 has with the DLux3).

    The GX-100 is kind of a direct overlap of the DLux3 (not as much tele zoom though), so that kind of makes me lean towards the GRD2. I'm a bit worried about working at only one focal length (although the 40mm add-on helps) but also wonder about lack of image stabilization. I'm spoiled now, as the DLux3 has it as does the K20d. I tend to shoot available/low light, so I often am pushing that envelope. I've done the experiment with both cameras and know that it helps quite in many instances.

    So for GX-100 owners, do you find the image stabilization useful? And for GRD2 users, does the lack of it bother you?

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    Christi Mac

    Re: image stabilization

    Well I just got myself a GX100 today and it's a lovely piece of kit.

    Re: I.S. it obviously depends why you want either camera. Personally I've been looking for a long time for a digital equivalent of my lovely old Minox 35 - and with the I.S. this comes really close. It's considerably bigger obviously, but the I.S. gives me a similar hand-holding capability in low light. And that was why I eventually went for the GX100 over the GRD2. To be honest it's probably a very minimal distinction but for me it made sense. especially now that my hands are that much older and shakier

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    Re: image stabilization


    I have a GRD2 but have never used a GX100 so cannot offer any guide as to what the IS gives you between the two.

    I do however have a D-Lux2 and I can hand hold the GRD2 better that the D-Lux2 with its IS for some reason.

    Bear in mind there is a slightly faster lens and reputed higher ISO quality in the GRD2 too.


    Congratulations on your new purchase, please keep uis posted with your findings.

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    Re: image stabilization

    With my GR-D II the problem is seldom really camera shake, it's subject movement, and OIS won't help with that at all. 1/15 and f2.8 is doable about 75% of shots with a 28mm lens, but people have a bad habit of not holding still enough for me. They will insist on moving around and generally carrying on. I suppose if you want to do low-light landscapes OIS might be useful on a short lens like that . . .

    I'm learning to embrace motion blur.

    [update] I'm incoherent today - new baby arrived a few days ago! What I mean to say, of course, is that with a 28mm lens image stabilisation isn't all that important since by the time the shutter speed has dropped low enough to justify it subject motion is more of a problem than shake.
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