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Thread: Using a Russian turret finder on the GX100?

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    Using a Russian turret finder on the GX100?

    In Sean Reid's GX100 review, he mentions how he uses a series of external viewfinders (mostly CV) to match the different step zoom settings of the GX100. The idea appeals to me, and I already have the 25mm CV finder, so I'm going to try that out soon.

    Now I was wondering, in order to cover some (not all) of the other focal lengths, would the ubiquitous Russian turret finder, which can be had for not too much money, do a decent job? Has anyone ever tried this? I'd be interested to know your experience (coverage, parallax, ...)


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    Re: Using a Russian turret finder on the GX100?

    Hi Marc,

    Another Belgian, hello

    I've been briefly considering the same but I've backed down from it. I think the turret finder would rather dominate the camera. I've also been thinking about getting a Voigtlander 28/35 and possibly a 75mm viewfinder from Voigtlander, but it seems too much hassle (and a bit expensive). And my camera shop doesn't carry them, either.

    My current plan is to go for a 50mm finder for people shots where it matters, and to use the LCD for all other work.


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    David Paul Carr

    Re: Using a Russian turret finder on the GX100?

    1) Perhaps it's a silly question but why on earth would you want to put an ancient Russian optical viewfinder (in 3:2 format) on a GX100 when there is a far better ( and not that expensive) EVF available?

    2) The Russian thing isn't bad as far as framing goes but it's not in 4:3 format, requires parallax adjustment for near subjects, will be useless for macro, is rather bulky...

    I expect by now that you have guessed what my choice would be...

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    Re: Using a Russian turret finder on the GX100?

    I can se what you mean and I understand your viewpoint. For me, I tried out the EVF in the shop when I bought my GX100, but decided against it as it didn't appeal to me at all. Initially, I quite liked the idea, but when I saw it, I was underwhelmed. For macro I can use the screen, the OVFs would more be for street shooting, so parallax is not really a problem there...

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