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Thread: GX100: replacement lens cap

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    GX100: replacement lens cap

    I managed to lose the lens cap for my GX100 in the snow somewhere in Yorkshire over Easter. I gather that Ricoh replacement caps are hard to come by, but I've asked R G Lewis in London to try to get one for me anyway.

    In the meantime, I've tried a cheap 43mm one (on the basis that the hood adapter has a 43mm thread so the lens cap might be the same size), but that won't clip onto the camera. Has anyone found a non-original lens cap that fits?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: GX100: replacement lens cap

    In the US, it's available from Popflash. I'd be surprised if a European or UK distributor wouldn't be able to source them for you.


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    Bob Yanal

    Re: GX100: replacement lens cap

    Thank you, Simon, for the cap replacement tip. While I haven't lost the lens cap for my GX100 - yet! - I've come close a few times. Popflash is sending one even as I write: $US15 for the cap and nearly $US10 for shipping!

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