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Thread: DP1 and Photo Pro, a note of critique

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    DP1 and Photo Pro, a note of critique

    The DP1 was designed for image quality. With its large APS-C sized sensor it delivers high quality pixels with relatively low noise.
    The DP1's design also imposed some serious limitations on its lens system, but I have no problem with that.

    When IQ is its strongest merit, why is it that Sigma's Photo Pro doesn't allow for color spaces wider than aRGB? Where is ProPhoto RGB for example, or even better, why doesn't the software allow me to choose any other color space?

    I'm not trying to start yet another ProPhoto discussion, but it is well establised that our cameras capture colors that lie outside of aRGB and that our printers can print some of those colors.

    I'm not advocating the use of wide color spaces for every image, but I would like to make such decisions myself, based on image content. It's also not about preserving those printable out-of-AdobeRGB colors per se, but also about the option to map any out-of-gamut colors into printable space as gradations rather than solid blobs.

    These are important considerations IMO when discussing quality and trying to get the most out of the camera.
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    Re: DP1 and Photo Pro, a note of critique

    Hi Hermie, I would think that as soon as 3rd party RAW support arrives - you will be able to access the full range of colours and export to whichever colourspace you prefer.

    Also, you can export to sRGB and aRGB - but SPP probably works internally in 16 bit colour space - so aRGB is probably not that limiting.

    I e-mailed with Dave Coffin (author of dcraw) this week, and sent him some DP1 raw files - so hopefully we're one step closer to widespread support.

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