This isn't a thread to complain about problems with the DP1. This is a thread about user error. What the IT folks call PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). This is a thread where my DP1 gets to complain about me .

I was at friend's wedding this afternoon. We were in the hallway of a castle, waiting for the bride and groom to appear. It was really dark in there. I set the DP1 to manual mode, 1/10s (about as long as I can hope to hold it steady, especially holding it above my head at arms' length), and ISO800. It was still reading a full 3 stops underexposed, which should have gotten my attention. Sadly it did not, and I just told myself, "Well, it is really dark in here. Might as well take a shot at it and see what I can get after pushing the file."

When I came home and saw the following image on the screen, I was not surprised:

Then I saw the EXIF information - ISO100 I hate when I do that! Why am I posting this? Well, I was pretty impressed at the detail the DP1 was able to pull out of those shadows in a monotone conversion pushed two stops in SPP:

The image is nothing special, but it keeps the memory for me.

Unfortunately I continued to shoot at 1/10s and ISO100, thinking I had it at ISO800. This one had to be pushed 1.5 stops in SPP:

The one ISO800 shot I took had a shutter speed of 1/200s :