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Thread: Ricoh GRDII and Capture One

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    Ricoh GRDII and Capture One

    If you have a lot of different brand cameras and use RAW, you would like to have a single RAW processor, like the excellent Capture One to do all the job.

    For this reason most prople prefer LR or CS3 etc., while I prefer the Capture One to all of these, including Canon's and Nikon's (Capture NX). This is a preference since I got the M8. (still C1 is the best convertor for M8, IMO).

    Most M8 owners tend to buy either GRDII or Sigma DP-1, as part od their hobby, and because of ease of use at 28mm.

    Capture One is quite lazy incatching up with new products, and does not support either of these cameras. The sales numbers may not justify the work maybe, but still it pushes the customers to explore other possibilities like LR etc.

    I really hope my preferred software to support these cameras as well, in the near future.
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    Re: Ricoh GRDII and Capture One

    What a coincidence! I was just comparing Capture One and Photoshop CS3 RAW conversion for Ricoh GRD2 when I read your input. Here are two attempts with Capture One. I also added the b+w jpeg files (taken with RAW+B/W setting). I would like to know what you think of these...
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