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Thread: Hood and half-case for Lumix LX5

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    Hood and half-case for Lumix LX5

    I eagerly await delivery of my Lumix LX5. Two questions. First, are there hood options that do not involve using the accessory tube? Second, I would like to get a well-fitting half-case. The The Gariz half case ( looks very nice, but it is pricey. Cases like this one are cheaper and look pretty good: Does anyone have experience with either of these, or with good alternatives? I am not interested in pouch-type cases, as I already have some that would be suitable. Thanks.


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    Re: Hood and half-case for Lumix LX5

    Some of the ebay cases listed as "leather" are actually "PU leather" which is an imitation leather. This isn't always bad, but PU Leather can crack after flexing.

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