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Thread: Canon G9 vs Ricoh GRD2 raw

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    David Paul Carr

    Canon G9 vs Ricoh GRD2 raw

    Has anybody compared the two? I have managed to find a few Canon G9 raw files on the web and they look better than my Ricoh's output...

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    Re: Canon G9 vs Ricoh GRD2 raw

    I'd love to see a head to head comparison. Even though they are very different in size, weight, and focal length coverage, I do see these in competition with one another.

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    David Paul Carr

    Re: Canon G9 vs Ricoh GRD2 raw

    After some more intensive experimenting, I would say that correct local contrast enhancement and sharpening technique are absolutely fundamental to getting the best from either of these cameras. With careful effort I think I can get the GRD2 files to look as sharp as the Canon's. What amazes me is how sharpening technique will determine the "fingerprint" of the camera. Nobody has really picked up on either of my previous posts about processing but I reckon that this is a key issue.

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    Re: Canon G9 vs Ricoh GRD2 raw

    I'm testing both cameras right now and will have comparisons between the GR2, G9 and GX-100 in my reviews of the GR2 and G9.



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