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Thread: GX 200 Ricoh firmware update

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    GX 200 Ricoh firmware update

    Found this for the Ricoh folks.

    Modified the following phenomena.
    In the Auto shooting mode, and with the Grid Guide is displayed in the LCD, and if you turn off the camera power and then turn on in the My Setting mode, a lacked grid guide will be displayed.
    With using AAA batteries, and in the shooting mode, if you click the Playback button to switch to the playback mode, and after the lens will be retracted automatically, if you press the shutter release to return the shooting mode, any key will not work.
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    Re: GX 200 Ricoh firmware update

    I guess "a lacked grid guide will be displayed" is like saying "a lacked beer will be drunk" when the fridge is in fact empty.

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