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Thread: new & improved Fujifilm sensor

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    new & improved Fujifilm sensor

    Announced on DPReview:

    Fujifilm is claiming, "Better than F31 performance" with 12 MP and better dynamic range. (Good to see that even *they* admit that the F30/F31 is better than the later F cameras!) Yeah!

    The F30/F31 sensor seems so much better when it comes to noise than other pocket-size digicams I've seen that I've stuck with my old F30 instead of ever seriously thinking about trying anything new. Now if they would *just* let us have histograms and raw mode this time around...!


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    Re: new & improved Fujifilm sensor

    thx for that info. It is indeed good to know the Fuji recognizes this. Can only hope that they really do make a difference with this new sensor design of theirs. While they are at it, why not put in a faster zoom lens onto the body, like F2.0 or something.


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