During my last visit to India, I was graciously received by the Mayor of a

small town in Rajasthan. The women folk put up a dinner for me. I am

ever grateful to these simple folk with a heart of gold.

The Mayor's family took me into a very small room in their large, but simple


10 generations of the Mayor's wife were artisan's. Painters. The last of the old

generation died shortly after India's Independence. His son carries on the

the family tradition; but with a camera mostly.

This room, I was told had been used by five generations of painters.

The picture shown, carries the latest photograph, during the British Raj of

the last painter member. The small squares are actually miniature paintings

of the last 10 generations of painters.

The work implements of the current family member are stacked against the

further wall.

The cloth covering the picture frame is there since the British left India.

A very private room for the family.

I can't thank them enough for having shared their treasure with me, an