Hi everyone

I've only recently learned of the existence of this site. I've been reading some of the threads in the four thirds forum, because as my take-with-me-on-my-Triumph camera, I bought an E-420 with the 14-54 lens and a monopod. My main camera is a 40D.

I first learned something about photography when I was in the Air Force in the sixties. I bought an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, and learned to develop black-and-white film, and make prints. After I got out and had no more access to a darkroom, I shot mostly color slides. I got better than a casual snapshooter, but nothing very advanced.

A few years ago I got a digital P&S and enjoyed it, and a couple years ago I got an XTi, then later upgraded to the 40D.

Now the question:
Have any of you tried the Panasonic/Leica 14-150 f2.8 - 3.5 Mega OIS lens? I did, and found it to be decidedly inferior in overall IQ, including at least color and sharpness, to the Zuiko 14-54. Since I bought it from B&H and had it shipped to me, and they don't stock them but rather order them from Germany when they receive an order, I didn't even inquire whether I might exchange it for another copy to see if I simply got a lemon. That's such a good focal length range, and the OIS works, that it's a shame the lens didn't perform, and I wonder if anyone else had similar or different experience with it.

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