Life after Photokina 2012 got a bit boring, so I was daydreaming.
Perhaps there's a few who may share the same sentiment.

I have my Mamiya RZ67 ProII in the bag, all my Nikon film 35mm cameras packed up together with a few novelty ones too!

I like my OMD but always turn to my Canon FF. Tried my hands with different cameras and lenses over the years, I'm sure others have too, nothing wrong with that. We all get it ultimately, different camera for different needs.

Some say the most important camera is the one you have with you, I say let that be a good camera at ALL times! We change to smaller offerings for different reasons, health, carry on space, and just because we want to! Overall I'd say we're all better for it when there is a "compact" camera that simply delivers period.

However, recently these "small sensor" cameras are not so small anymore, neither are the lenses so slow. Technology has allowed them to grow and fit into smaller bodies. The recent offering have really caught my eye, and they are fixed zoom lens compacts that are tailored more for the enthusiast and professionals. Something a couple a years ago, I felt were simply a waste of money no matter how cheap and are all not too shabby now.

The Canon GX1 offers a large 1.5" sensor but slow zoom lens with rather sluggish processing in terms of fps.
The Sony RX100, offers 1" sensor and wonderful features, in a rather lets say lack of a grip body and just okay zoom lens.
The Sigma DP2M (and Sigma DP1M) offers an amazing APS-C sized Foveon x3 sensor, in claimed 46MP (15MP spatial equivalent), which is a shoot in good light low ISO, extremely slow processing and poor battery life, only buys because of IQ and immense detail! No LR support...BOOHOO!! Expensive at $1000.

These camera all are signs of what we can expect in the next couple of years, or at least point to the potential of what they can be!

For a compact fixed lens camera say for $1500. Foveon X3 sensor, works just as well up to ISO 6400. Fast like a Sony RX100 and feature rich, perhaps the menus and build quality taken from the Canon offering, in a Sony RX100 body size with grip! Higher quality Zeiss zoom lens f/1.4- f/2.8. Battery life of say 500 shots. You'd say I'd dreaming and get a life!

Well, you're right, that's okay I can laugh at myself too, but that's what I'll be willing to pay if indeed all the specs were met perfectly for a compact fixed zoom lens camera! I'll even settle for a Sony RX100 with better lens attached, both in terms of resolution quality and speed, for cheaper of course.

Do you guys see this happening with compacts? Is Small the new BIG?