Ok, so I finally went and did what I was pondering over for quite awhile. As those of you who use the GV-1 well know, the frame lines, as they are, do not correspond to the actual image being captured. This is due to the deliberate offset of the OVF from the axis of the lens. I take it that Richoh felt that the pop up flash was of more importance, which I find rather odd in consideration of how well the rest of the camera is designed. So.... I took the hot shoe base off of the VF, shaved off the two outside posts and repositioned the base on to the inside posts and cemented it down with Shoe Goop ! It is solid as a rock and now what I see is what I get !

What do you think of that ?

OH.. BTW... I will need to take the VF off to use the flash, but seeing as I do not normally use the flash this is OK by me.