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Thread: G9 good idea still?

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    G9 good idea still?

    I have a GX100 that I love, its fast becoming my main shooter, but there are times I could do with a bit more reach. I have seen them for a very good price hence and it fills a lot of my criteria for a camera. Raw a hot shoe plus the range of 35-210 complements the 24-70 that I have. So how good is this camera iq wise to my Ricoh, if any of you have or have had both. Also how fast is the Af and overall responsiveness of the beast. Other than this I have an Oly E510 (kit lenses) and a Fuji S3 with a Sigma 18-50 f2.8 and an old Fuji E550.

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    Re: G9 good idea still?


    I have a G9 that I had converted to ir and I am very happy with the IQ. Comments on various threads indicate that the G10 is better at low ISO's but its zoom range has been reduced to 28-140. Take a look at the following a very positive review of the G10 re its IQ at low ISO:

    Good luck with your decision.

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