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Thread: Reid Reviews Testimonial

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    Reid Reviews Testimonial

    Others have made the point, but it bears repeating:

    I have finally subscribed to Sean's site and it's great.

    Sean is writing the kind of reviews they read more like
    camera-specific articles about photography that those
    who already own the gear on test can approach with equal
    interest to those seriously researching future purchases.

    Earlier this evening, I enjoyed his GX100 review, and I've
    owned that camera since May.

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    Re: Reid Reviews Testimonial

    Thanks very much. This morning is starting on a good note.



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    Re: Reid Reviews Testimonial

    As one who is looking to buy into the Ricoh G series I found the reviews excellent.
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    Re: Reid Reviews Testimonial

    i'll have to add my kudos as well. as someone who subscribed both before and after purchase, i find his reviews invaluable! both in making the decision beforehand and then in practical use after. i know of no other reviewer that i can say this about.

    the only problem is i find myself lemming cameras that i can't quite afford right now. he has a way of eeking out the best of gear even whilst naming their shortcomings. i honestly have to say that i would have paid far more had i known what was in store. but, thank you, Sean, for keeping it at a rate i couldn't afford not to. you are one in a million!

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    Re: Reid Reviews Testimonial

    Wow...and this is a great day way to wrap up the regular work day. Thanks for the feedback folks, it's great to know.



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    Re: Reid Reviews Testimonial


    I just spend a few hours reading your reviews (on the D-Lux 2, D-Lux 3, GR and GR II). Because I am on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, your Flash based pages take a bit of time (and extra expense to load on a Satellite connection. But, I must say that you do excellent work and your reviews are well worth the nominal cost and very enjoyable.

    Also I was impressed by your essays, especially the one on the small sensor format. To my mind, you've helped crystallize the concept that small sensor cameras are not a substitute for another device, but a completely new photographic category. This is something that I've felt in my heart, but could not express into words. For the past few years I've been traveling with a tiny digital camera and as friends questioned me as to why I don't have a DSLR, I would just tell them that I refuse to carry a big camera. But in my heart I felt that the images that these mini cameras took, approximated the way I saw the world. To some extent I felt like the Italian photojournalist in Iraq, with the small sensor Olympus that you had mentioned (in your essay).

    So, I thank you for making such a fine cogent argument for the utility and aesthetic importance of these compact tools.

    I have more to write regarding your published reviews, but perhaps my comments are best served at another time and in another thread.


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