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Thread: GX100 does Paris

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    GX100 does Paris

    B&W street photos from Paris:

    My Paris trip documentation evolved to a mostly black and white street photography set. Most of my travel pictures seem to be of unknown people minding their own business, street life. I have of course those typical 'here is me and my wife in front of this and that' kind of pictures but those are for personal family albums only.

    On our first morning there we ended up in the middle of a demonstration held near Notre Dame. They were protesting for homeless people by putting up a tent city. I don’t think I have ever seen that many police officers in one place. Most of them had riot gear on and they destroyed the tent city pretty quickly.

    I shot a lot 'from the hip'. I guess it would be polite and all to ask for permission but I feel it ruins the moment because people usually have hard time being natural when they know they are being photographed.

    I had only Ricoh Caplio GX100 with me. It handles excellent and its image quality is very good in daylight. I was surprised to see quite a lot of noise in images taken with long exposures even with ISO 100. Compared to my previous camera the legendary Fuji F30, images are sharper with this one but colors and tones are worse. Also high ISO pictures are worse than with Fuji. Handling and controls are of course from a totally different planet and I wouldn’t go back to Fuji even though I think its image quality is a bit better. The 24mm wide angle in Ricoh is great.

    Post processing went something like this on most of them: Small exposure corrections if needed, add vignette, conversion to black and white, resize for web, sharpen and add border. This doesn’t usually take more than two minutes per picture because I have those things in Photoshop actions.

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    Re: GX100 does Paris

    Nice "shot from the hip" images there!
    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: GX100 does Paris

    Beautiful pictures, Miku! Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing them.
    I like all of them, but espacially the one from the man in the café (in colour) and the scene at the market (b/w).

    I also shoot a lot from the hip partly because of the reason you put (in order not to destroy the moment), but also because it gives you another perspective.

    Best regards,
    Chris[email protected]/

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    Re: GX100 does Paris

    Loovely work,
    I too like the Gentleman in the cafe.
    I love also the Alley with the Motor-Scooters
    The shots with the riot cops was intersting also, the range of expressions caught is wonderous!

    edit; the Gent in image 23, at the market, wow!

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    Re: GX100 does Paris

    Thank you Miku for sharing your wonderful Paris images. We already dedicated a thread about your images after you posted it on dpreview.

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    Bob Yanal

    Re: GX100 does Paris

    The first two images have a sort of wonderful, nostalgic WWII look about them.

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