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Thread: SD870

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    Was tinkering with the Canon SD870 today. Here are a few quick shots from today. Modified images in PS CS3 utilizing the ACR sharpening tab. (NAPP site has a great video tutorial on this). Comments welcomed and appreciated.


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    Re: SD870

    Hi Thomas:
    Can you please tell me how fast is the sd870 is able to lock focus in good light? It seems to be able to beat the fuji f10 using the high-speed focus (which is very impressive to me), but I am not sure how it will compare to the panasonic lx2 in manual focus mode. I am sure the panasonic will be faster, but just how much faster?
    Also, does the camera allow user to tone down the in camera sharping and contrast in the mycolor mode?
    I heard someone in the dpreview forum mention that the camera has a infinite focus option that will allow it to focus faster? Is it true?
    Sorry for asking you a lot of question. I am very interest in the camera so your answer will be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: SD870

    I am still in the early stages of tinkering with these 2 cameras. I will check out the features you are asking about and post a reply here. As far as the focus, from what I can tell it focuses real quick in good light. The LX2 focuses real fast as well, but I feel the SD870 is a hair faster.

    Here is a link to the SD870 User Manual -
    Look at page 116 and 117 for My Color settings. Looks like you can adjust sharpness and contrast, etc. in these modes.

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    Re: SD870

    Thank you Thomas. Your information is very helpful to me. I was concern that the sd870 will use over the top in camera sharpening, but since it can be turned down, I will serious consider buying it.

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    Re: SD870

    I bought one for my daughter for X-mas to replace a older model and just playing around with it , been very impressed with the quality of file from it. Damn thing is sharp with lots of nice detail
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