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Thread: GRD and GX200 Protection

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    GRD and GX200 Protection

    I am looking for a case for each, and a case for both and some cards, spare batteries and stuff.
    I use the GV-2 on the GRD-II and the EVF on the GX200, but thinking of replacing this with 35, 50 and 75 OVF's.
    I would like the case/bag to be as small as possible and preferably not look like a photobag, ahhh and it must be elegant, well a bit anyway.

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    Re: GRD and GX200 Protection

    I us a Velocity 4. It holds a DP1 w/finder and a hood,
    GX200, 4 batteries, 4 cards, lens pen business cards and
    model releases etc..... very small.....

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    Re: GRD and GX200 Protection

    I toss them into my purse. The Sandisk SD cards come with a free little bag that holds two cards. I put a spare SD card on one side, and a spare DB-60 battery on the other side, toss that little zipper bag into the purse, too.

    I prefer the wrist strap on the GRDII and the neck strap on the GX200. While walking around photo ops I have no problems leaving the GX200+eVF around my neck.

    I also have those el cheap-o LCD plastic film protectors on the screens of both cameras so they don't get scratched in the purse. I replace the plastic film about every 3 or 4 months. So far, not a single scratch on anything.

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