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Thread: PMA and 4/3 - Leica

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    PMA and 4/3 - Leica

    In all the furore over the M8 upgrade questions, and attempting to get some more insight into the R10 we seem to have forgotten to ask Guy if he can glean anything from Leica about future 4/3 intentions. Re-badged something? Their own body? Digilux 4?

    Also this mysterious camera X that was referred to - any more hints?

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    Re: PMA and 4/3 - Leica

    just as a reminder, one of the disclosures was within this report from zone 10


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    Re: PMA and 4/3 - Leica

    Ah yes I had forgotten about that - but it would be nice to have it (and maybe a little hint or two) from the horse's mouth!

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