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Thread: G10 vs LX3 Image Quality?

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    G10 vs LX3 Image Quality?

    I just played around with a Canon G10 at a workshop and I really liked it's ergonomics. Dials instead of buttons and menus! yea But who has used both the G10 and LX3? I want an opinion of IQ with both. Thanks I jsut can't wait around forever for the elusive Leica digital CL......

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    Re: G10 vs LX3 Image Quality?

    I would say looking at different photos would be the best way to judge IQ. You can check out Flickr or the image threads here to get a feel for the way each camera draws. IQ is also a subjective thing.
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    Re: G10 vs LX3 Image Quality?

    Agreed, see the pictures posted from both at 100% and start pixel peeping. From what I gather from most, the G10 has better IQ at ISO100, but then this IQ steeply falls off past ISO400, and this is where LX3 images IQ can be better than the G10's.

    In terms of portability the LX3 is a clear winner as it is smaller and lighter. Ergonomics, G10 is better.

    But if you want IQ and will be taking predominately daylight shots or carry a tripod to the more challenging light, then the G10 is for you.

    For more street photography where one doe not carry a tripod and you want to use it in more situationws where light is not the best, then the LX3 is a killer. The LX3s ability to be small and discrete makes it the perfect stealth camera, hehe..


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