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Thread: Moon, Star and Clouds

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    Moon, Star and Clouds

    S6000fd, ISO 200, 4secs at F3.7, 17mm (70mm-e) on a very windy night.
    The Fuji comes very close to being an All-in-One Camera. Having a very good fixed wide to long zoom and the same excellent sensor as the the famed Fuji F30/31fd, it is very easy to make it ones 'go to' camera in a hurry.
    I awoke to see this fleeting break in the clouds and hurredly pulled out the S6000 and a tiny tripod to shoot this from my bedroom window.

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    Re: Moon, Star and Clouds


    It's tricky to shoot the moon, as it moves a bit. Once you get up to about 8 secs you can see the moon move. In the case with the image above, the low ISO becomes an obstacle in that you have to shoot with the widest aperture to limit exposure time, with a very limited DOF as a consequence.

    So a general tip when photographing the moon is to use as high ISO as the camera will allow without losing too much image quality. Then keep exposure below 4 seconds (like you did).

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    Re: Moon, Star and Clouds

    Lili, another beautiful image.
    You seem to be getting some slightly SciFi 'other worldly' captures lately and I'm enjoying them very much!

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